Living Restored ConferenceThe Living Restored Conference, created by Mindy Jo Ferguson February 28th, 2023.
This vision, however, started for her as a young child! Her passion has always been to help others who have been victims of trauma. She greatly desired/s to share the love of Christ with all those who came into her life. The childhood vision was reminded to her in March of 2022 at a work convention in UT.

She came home in March of 2022 after her work convention met head-on with a storm! She found herself praying, begging the Lord to do a miracle and save her husband as he had a ruptured appendix and had gone septic, and it was only by God’s divine miracle that her husband was in fact saved. The Living Restored Conference was halted placed on hold for some months due to her husband’s healing.

Once her husband went had gone through the three-month healing process, she was able to continue on with the creation of The Living Restored Conference. After multiple confirmations through others, she was reminded to begin putting the details together for the first conference. The speakers’ names and even some of the titles of the talks were God inspired and given to her. This helped move things along quickly. God’s timing is always perfect. Every speaker that was asked for this first event agreed to speak and help reach the community.

The Living Restored Conference is a place for inspirational speakers to come and share their stories of victory. These speakers have overcome addiction, trauma, health issues and more ; not just overcoming their trails and hardships, but also becoming advocates for others to help move them from victims of trauma to victors in Christ Jesus our Lord!

The Living Restored Conference will be held multiple times per each year in different Colorado locations and eventually branch out to other surrounding states. These events are one day events with five to eight speakers.

The Living Restored Conference will hold different key-note speakers at each new event and will not have just a feeling of motivation and inspiration, but also provide practical tools and resources for the attendees to grab hold of on their journey of healing and their next steps forward.

The Lord has impressed it upon Mindy Jo Ferguson’s heart, the creator of The Living Restored Conference, to bring this conference to the hurting world that is in need to of hearing the Lord’s Love and Grace and ability to meet them where they are; and as well as his willingness to help them heal, to get up and walk with them as they are now Restored in his mighty name.

The future of The Living Restored Conference will also include retreats for small groups, and masterminds for collaboration for those wanting more and to go deeper after the conferences. This will be held at a large Airbnb in Canon City, CO, the Bee-N-The Bears Den a beautiful, peaceful location unlike any other and will hold up to ten attendees per event. Highly sought-after speakers will come to this location to speak. Then there will be break-out sessions with planning and goal setting and boots to ground work to test that the goal setting and plan will work and is understood. This will create a higher success rate for these individuals who attend these masterminds.

The Living Restored Conference is also a great place for small businesses owners to link arms with and support their communities in bettering the lives of others by providing resources for future Living Restored Conferences to be held. Each sponsor will have a page on The Living Restored Conference website that will also drive traffic back to their business to support one another.